22 year old cynic. Worthless, careless, and selfish.


worthless annoying piece of shit person at your service 

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I just want someone to flirt with and make me laugh and kiss me in the middle of my sentences

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Anonymous said: for the give away for 5sos tour next year.. what do i have to do bc i would REALLY like to see them with my best friend with good seats in aug 7th.. its my biggest dream. ever.

Hey! All you have to do is follow our twitters! We are really wanting to give the tickets away to someone who loves 5sos as much as we do! Follow 5someggs and toriofmylife on twitter and you are automatically part of the giveaway! I can’t wait to chat with you! 

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Dallas 8/24

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twenty one pilots-mexico 15-july-2013


twenty one pilots-mexico 15-july-2013

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if you don’t want michael clifford banging you against a wall because he’s had a rough day at the studio and needs to pound his frustrations away then u need to seriously re-evaluate ur priorities in life

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i’m so far up one direction’s ass but dont worry i’m happy in here

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Twenty One Pilots - The Pantaloon (Live from the LC) [x]

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Date me now, i will get hot, im an investment

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we’re on this little planet orbiting a star in a galaxy filled with billions of other stars with their own solar systems and there’s like hundreds of billions of other galaxies in this massive universe and all i care about is one direction

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in valyria we don’t say “i love you” we say “dracarys” which roughly translates to “i am daenerys stormborn of house targaryen of the blood of old valyria and i do in fact speak high valyrian you fucking dipshit AND I’M HERE TO FUCK YOUR SHIT UP WITH FIRE AND BLOOD MOTHERFUCKER” which is really beautiful i think

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Men look so ugly masturbating how does that make u feel

jokes on you i look ugly all the time damn wassup how u feel 

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